Moisturizing facial treatments

Hydration is the basic cosmetic treatment for all types of skin in every age, as the arid, dry skin cannot perform normal life functions, the elasticity and tone of the skin are prematurely lost. Thankfully, there are numerous options and active ingredients available, NMF (natural moisturizing factor) to maintain a hydrated skin.

The only difficulty for beauticians is, to take and maintain the nutrition into the skin and to incorporate them into their cosmetic regime.

The medicine has been using galvanic electricity for a long time with safety and very good results, which is also gaining grounds in cosmetics. The uncomfortable itchy, spikey sensation in modern cosmetics machines has been minimized by manufacturers, their use is easier and simpler for therapists, becoming more and more enthusiastic in the treatments.

The sight of treated skin with galvanic current speaks for itself, its effect is immediate and more durable than manual therapy.

Our deep hydration proposal is the following on the PANDHY’S ™ product palette with our electro cosmetics machine: