Young or elderly spots, the V’Vanish product line combine both successfully to make the skin glow homogeneously.

Our salon protocol:

Skin preparation – makeup removal – cleansing

PANDHY’S™ Micellar Water  2.5 ml

TD™ PlumPurity Makeup Remover 3-5 pumps

PANDHY’S™ Purifying & Calming Lotion 3-5 pumps


TD™ V’Vanish Line Face Scrub 10 ml

Refreshing -tonifying


Intense homogenizing treatment

PANDHY’S™ 6 in 1 Beauty Instrument – Ultrasound treatment

TD™ V’Vanish Line Oil 5 ml

Ultrasound- increased active ingredient input

Switch on the machine and select the ULTRASONIC function. Select a channel and choose facial or eye treatment. Adjust the time for 10-15 minutes and don’t forget to set the power. Push start and perform the treatment in a circular motions.

Attention! No ultrasound treatment can be performed in the following cases:

  • a feverish condition
  • tumour lesions
  • around the ear
  • around prostheses
  • bleeding after heart attack, pacemaker.

About Ultrasound:

Ultrasonic wave, which has more power than other common waves, accelerates the movement of cells and creates a certain massage effect and energy to alter cells. Meanwhile, ultrasound wave vibrates the cells and enhances the diffusion of semi-permeable membrane, which contributes to improving partial blood and lymph circulation, strengthens cell permeability and enhances cell permeability, regeneration of metabolism and body tissue.


TD V’Vanish Line Anti stain Oil 5 ml

TD™ V’Vanish Line Créme 5 ml

Homogenizing mask

TD™ V’Vanish Line Mask 10 ml

Eye care

Re’Age-Nt Line Eye Contour Gel 2 pump

Finishing treatment

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX AHA cocktail 4 drops +

TD™ Sphere of Beauty NACRE Pearls 5 pieces +

TD™ V’Vanish Line Créme 5 ml +

PANDHY’S™ Spray On Shield 3 pump