Dream under a blooming lavender bush. It’s this experience that our treatment offers,

giving a lot of water, energy, purity and peace to the skin, calming the mind.

Everyday stress is causing severe destruction not only on the skin but on the nervous system in long term. When we’ve exploded from the tiniest problem, there is a need for a real stressful ritual in the salon. In addition to the wrinkles, the nervous system smoothens and night sleep will be relaxed and calm again.

Purpose of treatment:

  • carefully removing holes
  • replenishing the moisture of the skin
  • stimulating blood and lymph circulation
  • enhancement of collagen, elastin synthesis
  • relaxation

Steps of the ritual:

Welcome drink

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Lavender Tea 1 small cup

Skin preparation – makeup removal – cleansing

PANDHY’S™ Micellar Water2,5 ml

PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine Wash Foam3 pump +

PANDHY’S™ SPAROMA Massage & Bath Salt 2 spatula +

PANDHY’S™ Lavender water 2 ml


PANDHY’S™ Lavender water 2,5 ml

Relaxing PANDHY’S™ wave massage /TRAINING/

PANDHY’S™ Massage Sugar 10 pump +

PANDHY’S™ MultiMol Hya Gel 1 ml +

PANDHY’S™ Lavender water 3 – 5 ml

Relaxing, moisturizing peel-off mask

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Sugar Peel Off maszk 1 tasak +

PANDHY’S™ Lavender water 40 ml

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Lavender Tea  1 sprinkling

Finsihing treatment

PANDHY’S™ HydroBase Hydrating Créme 1 pump

PANDHY’S™ PowdAir Mist On Colours 10 – 15 drops