For our treatment, besides glucose, Damascus rose is at our help, which not only rejuvenates the skin, but it also enchants us, taking us into a

magnificent rose garden, freeing us from everyday stress.

The rituals were inspired by women’s beauty. The acceptance and confirmation of harmony, inner peace and femininity is the wish of all of us. It is really few to give it to always be confident and balanced in everyday storms. The woman is always beautiful at all ages. This truly elegant ritual will help to strengthen this.

Purpose of treatment:

  • moisturizing the skin
  • enhancing collagen and elastin synthesis
  • strengthening inner harmony
  • relaxation

Steps of the ritual:

Welcome drink

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Rosebud Tea 1 small cup

Skin preparation – makeup removal – cleansing

PANDHY’S™ Micellar water 2,5 ml

PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine Wash Foam 3 pump +

brown sugar 2 spatula +

PANDHY’S™ Rose Water


PANDHY’S™ Rose Water 2,5 ml

Ecstatic moisturizing massage– PANDHY’S™ wave massage /TRAINING/

PANDHY’S™ Massage sugar 10 pump +

PANDHY’S™ MultiMol Hya Gel 1 pump +

PANDHY’S™COSMIX INKA DUO Caretaker 10 drops or 

PANDHY’S™COSMIX Asean Set Bliss 10 drops

PANDHY’S™ Rose Water 2 5 ml

Firming, moisturizing mask

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Sugar Peel – Off mask 1 sachet+

PANDHY’S™ Rose Water 40 ml +

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Rose petals 1 spriknling

Finsihing treatment

PANDHY’S™ HydroBase Hydrating Crème 1 pump

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX INKA DUO Reformer 2 drops

PANDHY’S™ Mineral Makeup