Sugar – oil – service is a real quick help when skin needs rejuvenation before a festive dinner or a special family event. Almost all the sugar and rejuvenation of the big berries, argan, grape seed, pomegranate and the truly magical ylang-ylang oil have been spectacular after a while. When used as a cure, we can do a lot to keep the skin young, for comfortable skin sensation.

Purpose of treatment:

  • increase the moisture content of the skin
  • skin rejuvenating agents
  • strengthening tissues
  • enhancing collagen and elastin training

Our rejuvenating therapy consists of:

Skin preparation – makeup removal – cleansing

PANDHY’S™ Micellar Water 2,5 ml

PANDHY’S™ Purifying Foam-Powder 2 spatula +

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Jasmine Tea 2 ml


PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Jasmine Tea 2,5 ml

Ulrasound treatment

PANDHY’S™ 6 in 1 Beauty Instrument

PANDHY’S™ Multi Mol Hya Gel 1 pump +

PANDHY’S™ S.O.S.  Juvenalis S.O.S Oil olaj 1 ml +

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Hydro Gel Base 3 pumps


Switch on the machine and select the ULTRASONIC function. Select a channel and choose facial or eye treatment. Adjust the time for 10-15 minutes and don’t forget to set the power. Push start and perform the treatment in a circular motions.

Attention! No ultrasound treatment can be performed in the following cases:

  • a feverish condition
  • tumor lesions
  • around the ear
  • around prostheses
  • bleeding after heart attack, pacemaker.

About the ultrasound:

Ultrasonic wave, which has more power than other common waves, accelerates the movement of cells and creates a certain massage effect and energy to alter cells. Meanwhile, ultrasound wave vibrates the cells and enhances the diffusion of semi-permeable membrane, which contributes to improving partial blood and lymph circulation, strengthens cell permeability and enhances cell permeability, regeneration of metabolism and body tissue.

Skin rejuvenating, nourishing mask

PANDHY’S™ GEORGIKON Wellness & Healing Mud 10 spatula +

PANDHY’S™ SweetCare Face&Body Crème 10 pumps


PANDHY’S™ HydroBase Hydrating Crème 1 pump

PANDHY’S™ Mineral MakeUp

Light protection

PANDHY’S™ Spray On Shield