Attractive skin rejuvenating PANDHY’S ™ technique, with its simplicity and specialty, impresses everyone. Shimmering delicate tissue movement that brings the skin to life with the applied PANDHY’S ™ and TD ™ cosmetics.

Purpose of treatment:

  • increase blood and lymphatic circulation in the skin
  • enhancing collagen and elastin synthesis
  • elasticity, tone enhancement

The procedure :

Skin preparation-makeup removal – peeling

TD™ PlumPurity Makeup Remover

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Cleansing Milk

PANDHY’S™ Purifying & Calming Lotion 2 – 3 pumps

PANDHY’S™ Purifying Foam-Powder 2 spatula

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA / Jasmine / 2 – 3 ml


PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA /Jasmine/2 – 3 ml


PANDHY’S™ FlexEpil™ Strips  10 cm /TRAINING/

PANDHY’S™ Sweet&Easy Sugar Gel 1 Flex Blade lubrication

Moisturizing mask

PANDHY’S™ MultiMol Hya Gel 1 pump

TD™ Re’Age-Nt Line Eye Contour Gel 1 pump

TD™ Hydro’Range Line Mask 10 spatula


PANDHY’S™ COSMIX AHA cocktail 4 – 8 drops

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX ShieldBooster 1 pump

TD™ Hydro’Range Line Créme 1 spatula