Skin Regenerating Body Massages

Organic Indian coconut oil is a great moisturizing, nourishing, and strengthens the connective tissue, thus preventing skin sagging and wrinkle formation. It has a high antioxidant content to protect the skin, and it effectively replenishes the lost lipids, making it soft, fuller, younger, with wraping the clients into a pleasant coconut fragrance.

Products used for treatment:

  • PANDHY’S™ Pure Coco Massage Oil 50ml

A wonderfully blend of cell regenerating, soothing lavender and disinfecting anti-inflammatory tea tree oil combined with soft, moisturizing jojoba oil provides a true relaxation experience.

Products used for treatment:

  •  PANDHY’S™ MIRACULUM Essential Oil 50ml

Massage with a citrus fragranced body butter This is a holistic massage in every sense, which treats our guest with well deserved moments of luxury. Warm up the 100% pure, organic body butter in our small pouring pot, which helps apply the melted butter evenly, making the skin wonderfully soft and velvety. The pleasant warmth of the oil relaxes tired muscles, the rocking massage combined with acupressure elements and the purely natural essential oil stroke the wrinkles of the soul.

Products used for treatment:

  • PANDHY’S™ INDULGENCE Massage Butter 20g

Our cold pressed natural apricot kernel seed oil has a light colour, slightly scent of marzipan, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, and linolenic acid. Fast and easy-absorbing oil that does not leave a greasy surface, so it can be used for baby and infant massage thanks to its intensive skin care, its gentle and skin-friendly appearance.

Products used for treatment

  • TD™ SPA Spectrum PureBase Apricot Kernel Oil 50ml  (Perfect base oil for aromatherapy massages