Skin tightening

PANDHY’S™ salt scrub which is originated from Pannonia and is devoid of any chemical treatment is used to purify the pores. Then the treatment continues with the caffeine massage sugar the medical glucose content which helps to penetrate caffeine that breaks down fats to the very deep layers of the tissues; the hand vacuum massage technique helps to cease the stasis in the tissues, the oil blend with special movements firming the skin, stimulating the release of toxins. The warm mud mask filling the tissues with minerals.

Products used for treatment:

  • PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine Wash Foam 5 pumps
  • PANDHY’S™ SPAROMA Massage & Bath Salt (1500 g) 2 teaspoon
  • PANDHY’S™ Skin Renew RemedyCaffeine Massage Sugar 10ml
  • PANDHY’S™ SKIN RENEW Remedy Massage Oil 8ml

PANDHY’S™ SkinRenewRemedy is a true Vitamin C bomb, which has a fantastic skin rejuvenating and firming effect. In noble apricot seed oil, besides citrus fruits and fennel helps to increase circulation.

Products used for treatment:

  • PANDHY’S™ SKIN RENEW Remedy Massage Oil 50ml

Treatment with shea butter based on valuable and special essential oils makes the skin pleasantly warm and relaxed, tightening and toning the skin.

Products used for treatment

  • TD™ BB Toning Massage Butter   25g