Body Rituals

Livia Augusta, the wife of Emperor Augustus, was one of the most beautiful women of her time. She often experimented with the preparation of different cosmetics in order to preserve the youth of her skin. After the conquest of Pannonia provincial, thermal water and the thermal mud of Hévíz got on the list of ingredients too she completed her favourite 100 minute treatment with these.

This wonderful skin rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle ritual brings us back to the times of the Roman Empire – it is based on an antique recipe, contains natural ingredients only (floral waters, sugars, essential oils), completed with mineral filling body masks. The aromatherapic effect of floral water distillate together with the holistic massage create the harmony of the soul so that we can feel like a true empress at the end of this treatment inspired by antiquity.

TRAINING is available

A deep-relaxation, detoxifying treatment with acupressure movements and warm mud mask on the back. Equivalent to four hours of sleep, during a tense period, excellent relaxation treatment.

Products used for treatment


PANDHY’S™ SKIN RENEW Remedy Massage Oil 2 pumps/ back, 1-1 pump/leg

PANDHY’S™ SPA VERSUM – ParaPeat Mud Treatment 100 g

Head massage with PANDHY’S ™ Scalp Vital oil which regenerates, activates the scalp and gives a real refreshment. The good blood circulation of the hair follicles keeps the hair fibers up and the balding can be delayed. After the head massage, clean the face and apply the moisturizing face / eye mask. During the exposure time (15-20 minutes), we pamper our guests with a foot massage.

Products used for treatment

PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine ScalpVital Oil 1ml

PANDHY’S™ Peppermint Pure Flower Water 10ml

PANDHY’S™ BEAUTEA Peppermint (50 g) -sprinckle

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Sugar Peel-Off Mask ½ pack

PANDHY’S™ FreshFoot S.O.S Series Oil Blend 5ml

Exotic scents of almond, vanilla, clove, aniseed with a breath of tobacco, this passionate scent is TONKA. The skin balancing effect of the spicy sweet tonka and the bearberry extract ensures silky smoothness. Tonka cream massage also nourishes the deeper parts of the skin.

Products used for treatment

TD™ V’Vanish Line Tonka Body Scrub 25ml

TD™ V’Vanish Line Tonka Body Créme 25ml


The most effective face-lifting technique with the ancient GuaSha board.

The GuaSha (刮痧 guāshā) is one of China’s most ancient natural healing techniques.

We massage the special herbal oil – which has been applied to the skin surface with a special scraper tool made of buffalo horn – into the skin with typical scraping movements along the meridians, the acupuncture points. As a result of the combined effect of the herbal oil and the mechanical excitation carried out by systematic movements, the energy supply intensifies in the meridians and the stasis ceases.

Spectacular anti-aging treatment, which can:

  • reduce wrinkles,
  • lift, tightening sagging skin,
  • do facial muscles workout passively,
  • reduce immediately puffiness under the eyes,
  • energize the tired and stressed skin,
  • result in a healthy “rosy” face.

TRAINING is available

The chi kung types of stretching and relaxation massage techniques help harmonize the flow of energy. The essential oil blends – chosen instinctively by the guest – acting on the limbic system, helps to set up the self-healing process, so the treatment is generally creates well-being, silky soft, delicate fragrance skin, a serene state of mind can be achieved

TRAINING is available