Body Masks / Wraps

The natural peat mud improves the metabolism of the treated body part, enhances natural detoxification due to its excellent heat retaining and moisture binding capacity.

By using it, our body gets building elements that are 100% usable in a natural way, and gets minerals, macro and micro elements that are absorbed in the treated area directly, integrated into the tissues in the best way possible. It creates a young, tight, splendid impression of the skin.

In order to increase efficiency and make usage easier, it is worth mixing it in a 1 to 1 ratio with:

PANDHY’S™ SweetCare Sugar Based Face and Body Lotion – regeneration, anti-wrinckle effect

PANDHY’S™ ACV CURE Body Lotion with Apple cider Vinegar- detoxification, fat loss

PANDHY’S™ RATHANY Calming & Hydrating Lotion  – calming, soothing

The duration time of the treatment is 20 minutes!

Contraindication: Pacemaker, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease

Products used for treatment:

PANDHY’S™ GEORGIKON Wellness & Healing Mud  (5000 g) 100g

PANDHY’S™ SweetCare Face&Body Crème 100ml

PANDHY’S™ ACV Cure Lotion 100ml

PANDHY’S™ RATHANY Calming & Hydrating Lotion  100ml

All the elements that creates human’s chemical components are found in the clay. Its rich mineral content, its physical and chemical characteristics make it special. It cleans, removes dirt from the deeper pores of the skin, removes unnecessary epithelial cells, calms, detoxifies, regenerates and improves the skin’s structure. And it helps to get rid of the mental stress!

Products used for treatment:

PANDHY’S™ COSMIX Cream Mask Base


10 – 10 pumps are applied evenly on the skin as a mixture of 1: 1 and then wrapped the client into a foil.

Exposure time: 20 minutes

By mixing  PANDHY’S™ SweetCare  Sugar Based Face and Body Lotion and PANDHY’S™ Pure Coco Massage Oil we get a silky, coconut- scented body mask which nourishes the skin and strengthens the connective tissue. We can indulge our guest with this coconut body mask from head to toe. It is an excellent regenerating after-sun body mask!

Products used for treatment:

PANDHY’S™ SweetCare Face&Body Crème 80-90ml

PANDHY’S™ Pure Coco Massage Oil 10ml

The variety of wraps offer effective solution for many spiritual and skin problems. It is time to rediscover the excellent values of this long-lasting treatment process and then locate it in the treatment offer accordingly!

This cream mask contains lactic acid, and it removes dead skin cells softly, but thoroughly, while the glucose, the glycerin, and the grape seed oil deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. The deep moisturizing effect of PANDHY’S™ LYLI cream that contains multi-active vitamin E and panthenol, can be felt immediately. Taking a shower is not necessary after this treatment, it gets absorbed completely.

Products used for treatment:

PANDHY’S™ LYLI Skin Softener Crème 100ml

The skin structure repair and rejuvenating effect will immediately provide spectacular results. The skin regains its moisture, it will be silky smooth, and it promotes a better blood circulation and metabolism in the body, cleans and helps to eliminate toxins. It can also be suggested in cases of neurological disorders, or constant stress, since it distracts trace elements from the body, which will lead to flabby skin, the loosening of the connective tissue.

Products used for treatment:

TD™ Alga Nuture Mineralizing Body Wrap 50 ml

PANDHY’S™ SweetCare Face&Body Crème 100ml

Slightly warm TD ™ Alga Nurture Mineralizing Body Wrap (37-38 ° C) – the algae components are not damaged by heating.

After a min.30-max.50 minutes, the client gets a shower, then apply a small amount of TD ™ Moisturizing G’Gel as a finishing touch to the skin as it is full of vitamins, quickly absorbed and sold as a home summer home remedy for fine melon smells gratification.